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Welcome to our latest news page. Here we'll be discussing what's new in the classic car industry.

  • Tom Hardy @ Classic Chrome Today!

    by Garry Shortt | Jun 13, 2018

    Classic Chrome is the place to find lots of Celebs.....

    Tom Hardy just posted this photo on his Instagram page of him and his friend with the Audi R8 @ our showrooms this morning - smileyyes

  • Jennifer Saunders Tweet on our 'electric' Fiat 500

    by Garry Shortt | Mar 31, 2018


    My dream has come true. Always loved the classic Fiat 500 and yesterday drove one for the second time and it’s ELECTRIC. It’s a beauty . And there’s more than one. Electric with classic style. All boxes ticked. 


  • Classic Chrome's 'Electric' Classic Fiat 500's are coming...

    by Garry Shortt | Jan 12, 2018

    Classic Chrome's new venture - 'Electric Classic Fiat 500's' are arriving this month!

    Prices will start @ £25,000 depending on specification...

    Call us today to book your test drive!

    020 8876 8171

  • 'Electric' Porsche 911 now @ our showrooms

    by Garry Shortt | Aug 1, 2017

    The fabulous 1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa that was converted to 'Electric' power by the Electric Classic car Company has now arrived at our showrooms and is on sale @ £85,000!

    This unique Porsche 911 3.0 SC Targa was first registered on 19th November 1979 and has covered just 500 miles since the conversion to 'electric' power!

    It has just been fully restored and converted to electric power by the Electric Classic Car company and the works included a complete bare metal restoration with numerous parts having been fitted throughout. 
    The Engine was removed and replaced with a maintenance free and air cooled 100kw brushless 3 phase AC double winding Electric Motor mated to the original 5 Speed Manual Gearbox and it produces 220lbs of torque from '0' mph.

    The batteries are from a Tesla Roadster and there are 18 of these 3 kwh batteries (54 kwh's in total) split over both front and rear of the car - approximately 48/52 for optimal weight distribution and a recent study found that the Tesla batteries will last to about 95% of their original capacity over 300k miles and the electric motor also has a similar lifespan.

    The Braking system has also been upgraded with a new larger Master Cylinder and new Ventilated Discs with 8 pot Brake Calipers to manage the additional power generated from the electric motor in this car! 

    It has an 'Eco' mode and a 'Power' mode button on the dash which allows you to have what power you require and it also has 'Regenerative Braking' (charges batteries on deceleration), EZ electric Power Steering, Electric Heating, New Braid replica Fuchs Alloy Wheels with new Pirelli Tyres, Electric Porsche Boxster Seats, new LED Headlights and a Type 2 on-board 7kw charging system with the plug under the petrol flap, Alarm/Immobiliser with Central Locking, and a Porsche Classic Stereo with built in Sat Nav.

    This example has been modified to resemble an early 1970's 911E and these modifications included a complete chrome trim set, opening chrome 1/4 lights, polished stainless Targa Roll-Over Bar, new Engine lid and grille (original Spoiler removed) and Gold 911E badges. 

    The 0-60mph is around 7 seconds and very similar to the original car, but it feels significantly quicker due to the max torque effect of the electric motor from stand stiil and the range with this set up is around 200 miles, although this is dependant upon driving style. 

    Watch this video for more details:
    Also featured in August's 911 & Porsche World magazine.

    Upon sale it will come with our own customer care package including a 55-point pre-delivery inspection and 12 months Mechanical Breakdown Parts & Labour Warranty which can be upgraded and extended at additional cost if required. The Electric Motors require no maintenance and should last for in excess of 10/15 years if not longer and the tesla Batteries the same!

    This is a very unique car which is just the start of the 'electric revolution' for Classic Cars! 


  • The 'Electric' Porsche 911 SC Targa

    by Garry Shortt | Jun 2, 2017

    The 'Electric' revolution of Classic Cars has begun! 

  • New E Type!

    by Garry Shortt | Dec 16, 2016

    This beautiful E Type has just arrived with us for sale after a complete "Nut & Bolt" rebuild to Concours standard and it is genuinely like a brand new car straight off the production line! 

  • Electric Classic Cars

    by Garry Shortt | Oct 24, 2016

    We are pleased to announce that we will also be displaying an 'electric' 1965 VW Beetle on our stand at the Classic & Sports Car Show courtesy of Electric Classic Cars, so come and talk to us about these fabulous conversions and our future plans!

    Watch the video:

  • Classic & Sports Car Show - Alexandra Palace

    by Garry Shortt | Oct 20, 2016

  • Classic & Sports Car Show - Alexandra Palace

    by Garry Shortt | Oct 18, 2016

    We are exhibiting again at the Classic & Sports Car Show at Alexandra Palace on 28th-30th October 2016 - Stand G50 - and this year we have a bigger stand and are taking seven cars + a scooter or two!

    Hope to see you there!

  • Le Mans C-type smashes auction estimate in Monaco!

    by Garry Shortt | May 17, 2016

    Le Mans C-type smashes auction estimate in Monaco!



    An ex-1953 Le Mans 24 Hour and Spa 24 Hours Jaguar C-type blasted past its pre-sale estimate of just under £4m to sell for £5,709,060 at Bonhams’ Les Grandes Marques sale in Monaco. 

    The ex-Ecurie Francorchamps racer is one of the most original Jaguar C-types in existence having remained unrestored and in the same family’s ownership since 1963. It was bought by racing photographer Guy Griffiths for £635 after viewing the car with his then-teenaged daughter Penny.

    As well as being in astoundingly original condition the car boasts an impressive race history, having been driven to ninth place at Le Mans while supporting the works Lightweight C-types, which finished first, second and fourth. Less than a month later it ran at Spa, appearing in the Nürburgring 1000km the following month. It was then sold to Dunlop and used as a test mule for new tyres, before being bought and raced by Michael Salmon, Gordon Lee and Robin Sturgess.

    “I went with Dad to see the C-type,” said Penny Griffiths. “I just thought it was fantastic! He played it cool and we drove home again. But later than week he said ‘I’ve been thinking about the C-type. It’s an awful lot of money but – yes, we’ll have it’ and I remember being so excited. It was our first Jaguar and remember it coming home for the first time. Guy really didn’t like the look of the cockpit, complaining it had apparently been sprayed a cheap, horrible silver. My mother had trained as a dressmaker. She said ‘Don’t worry about that. Black Rexine. That’s the stuff. I’ll cover it.’ And she did, and that Rexine is still in there today.”

    The car’s racing career ended when it was bought by the Griffiths’, but it continued to see regular use on Jaguar tours and events, including several ‘raids’ to the Le Mans 24 Hours. Penny recalls one such trip to the Rallye Georges Durand: “Roger and I set off in the C-type for about 20 minutes to the next village, where we were all encouraged to mark the occasion with the local cider. Then we drove for another 20 minutes to another village – where we were offered Calvados. Another 20 minutes, another village – huge lunch stop with wine…All the time we were being escorted by the Gendarmerie on their motorcycles, but nobody seemed to turn a hair. It was rural France in the 1980s, but today all of us would have been arrested – quite rightly. Standards were just different then.”

    Click here to see a full gallery of images of the Jaguar C-type


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