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    by Garry Shortt | Jul 22, 2014


    Birthday bash for D-Type 60th inspires Jag-only grid for Revival race


    Just yesterday we were enjoying a view of Goodwood from a Rover SD1 touring car; today there's confirmation that the Jaguar D-Type's 60th anniversary has inspired a 30-car grid of the type for a special race at September's Revival.



    Flockhart and Titterington at Goodwood in '56
    Flockhart and Titterington at Goodwood in '56
    D-Types were regular competitors in period at Goodwood, as the evocative LAT shot of Ron Flockhart leading Desmond Titterington in 1956 demonstrates. This year the D-Types will race in the Lavant Cup and Goodwood is promising short- and long-nose cars from owners across the world together with XKSS 'road' versions and the one-off E2A prototype described as a bridge between D- and E-Type.


    What's it like to race a D-Type? Handily Chris Harris can tell you all about it, his experiences of competing one last month at the Le Mans Classic making for an inspiring read. You can expect a vid to follow in due course.

    The sight of such a huge gathering of D-Types all going at it hammer and tongs will be the stuff of Goodwood legend; here's looking forward to September and a fitting tribute to one of our favourite racing cars.



    by Garry Shortt | Jul 20, 2014


    Dusty supercar with little more than 500 miles on the clock snapped lying unloved in Middle East


    XJ220 number 132 now...
    XJ220 number 132 now...
    If ever the phrase 'some viewers may find the following scenes disturbing' could apply in motoring journalism, it is now.


    This forlorn-looking Jaguar XJ220 has been spotted looking rather wretched but with just 900km on the clock in Qatar by UAE-based motoring blog

    There are a lot of blanks in this story, but it seems that the car was originally sold by a Jaguar dealer in Dubai and was last spotted six years ago in Beirut looking shiny, handsome and well kept, before somehow ending up as this dusty, ignored travesty in Qatar.


    ...and the same car in happier days
    ...and the same car in happier days
    How do we know all this? Apparently Mick Bramley, the photographer who snapped it works on 220s, and keeps a photographic record of the cars that pass through his hands, so imagine his surprise when this dusty wreck turned out to be none other than the very same XJ220 (number 132) he'd seen all those years ago in Beirut.


    It's enough to make a grown man cry...


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