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Welcome to our latest news page. Here we'll be discussing what's new in the classic car industry.


    by Garry Shortt | May 23, 2015

    ONE OWNER & ONLY 34,000 KMS (21K miles) FROM NEW!
    This stunning MGR V8 was purchased new by the English owner who was working for

    Hyatt Hotels in Fukouka, Japan in November 1994 as a wedding present for his wife and

    is one of only 259 cars worldwide that were finished in the best and most desirable colour

    scheme of Pearlescent Oxford Blue with Stone Beige Leather trim and matching carpets

    and a Blue Mohair Soft Top.

    This really is a great car for the money and a good investment! Full details here:


    by Garry Shortt | May 2, 2015


    The Fiat 500 is everywhere these days. The new one, that is, although we use the term loosely because

    it’s been around since 2007.

    Its cute looks, peppy engines and endless options list have made it a huge hit in the UK –

    in fact, at the last count it was the nation’s tenth best-selling car.

    However, its popularity is also the reason why it’s lost its original pose factor – the shape we fell in love with

    when the original 2004 Tripiuno concept car is now in every supermarket car park from Perth to Penzance.

    Driving a Fiat 500 is no longer the fashion statement it once was.

    Nope, to make a real impact you have to drive the proper Fiat 500 – Dante Giacosa’s Nuova, introduced in 1957.

    Drop £2965 off the price off the cheapest brand new 500 and you can have this beautifully maintained 1971 car.

    It’s left-hand-drive, but think of it as added pedestrian wow factor rather than a problem – the Nuova’s dinky dimensions

    make it a doddle to drive, no matter which side the wheel’s on.

    Its cutesy styling, petite proportions and the throb of its two-cylinder rear-mounted engine mean it runs rings

    around the new car in the look-at-me stakes.

    ‘Ahhhh!’, we hear you cry. ‘The new Fiat 500 has free road tax!’

    Don’t worry. The 1971 car is classed as an historic vehicle by the DVLA, so it does too. Tempted by the cool original? We are.

    Have a look here for more information and photo's:

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