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  • Fiat 500 'Electric' 1970 (J) Cream


    Please see our website dedicated to this little Electric Fiat 500 for full details and specifications:

    This is our second 'Electric' Demonstrator and it is a 1970 Fiat 500L which was first registered in Perugia, Italy on 20th November 1970.

    The car remained in Italy until being imported to the UK in 2017 when it was converted to RHD and then converted to 'Electric' power on our behalf by Electric Classic Cars in Wales.

    "It takes what came before and improves it massively!"

    The original Fiat 500's were powered by a tiny straight-twin engine (from 499cc to 594cc) producing around 14-17 horsepower and it was not very quick.
    To remedy this issue the Engine is replaced with a brushless AC20 Electric Motor producing 47 horsepower and 70lb-ft of torque.

    This may not sound like a lot, but in a car that weighs in at less than 500kg, it’s enough and its acceleration from 0-50 mph is incredible! To keep all this electrified pace in check, it has an uprated clutch assembly, front disc brake conversion, stronger driveshafts and uprated suspension.

    The majority (almost all) of EVs are equipped with a single speed gearbox due to the massive torque outputs involved. With the Electric 500 though, things get really smart as it retains its original four-speed manual box which is mated to the electric motor with an uprated clutch. Around town though, you will likely never need to change gear as you can drive it using the second or third gear ratio's with ease thanks to the torque of the electric motor giving more than enough pulling power.

    The only additions you will find in the cockpit are new controls for the electric heater in place of the original choke and starting levers between the seats plus the E-Xpert-pro Battery Monitor under the dashboard. It also now has electric windscreen washers fitted. In the front of the car the petrol tank has obviously been removed, so there is some storage space now.

    The charging plug is cleverly hidden behind the Fiat badge on the front of the car and you can plug-in the charging lead to any 13amp socket or or one of the many Charging Points dotted around and with the standard 3 battery set up and 2.5kw charger, it will be fully charged from empty after 6 hours.

    Certain cars get a reaction wherever you go. The Electric 500 is one of these cars as it just creates a 'cool' reaction wherever you happen to be driving it. When you stand it next to the current crop of city EVs, it has them all beat on looks and charm and still has the performance to rival any of them!

    All of our cars will be restored examples in excellent condition. We currently have two Demonstrators with more cars in the pipeline, so come and test drive a Demonstrator and see how good these little Electric Fiat 500's really are! Prices will start from £25,000 for a standard car with the AC 20 75v 47hp electric Motor and 3 Tesla Batteries. Cars fitted with the more powerful AC 20 96v 65hp Motor and 4 Tesla Batteries will start @ £29,000. RHD cars are at a premium and may add £3-4K to the price depending on the model and condition.

    We will also be selling DIY Kits this year, so please email us for details and prices.

    Car available at ur showrooms in Mortlake, South west London.


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    • Orientation -

      Right Hand Drive

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    £ 26,000

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